Happy Birthday to my precious boy. x


He has been my greatest teacher in life and I am forever grateful for all he has and continues to teach me. We had an amazing first year with Ralph but in his second year things turned upside down. I don’t feel it is appropriate to go all in today as today is a happy day and he is doing amazing. One of the many things I learnt in the year that he has been unwell was that very few people care, they ask how are you? only to want to hear fine. They really don’t care or want to go deep. You also realise how selfish and inconsiderate people can be, but amongst all that you do find one or two real gems – wonderful unpretentious souls that truly care. Happy Birthday to my baby boy I can’t believe this time three years ago I was in hospital giving birth and oh shit it just crossed my mind that I can’t keep saying I just had a baby as the excuse for any belly fat. Until next time xx