Mums that rock – Natalie Beer – Notting Hill Gate


Meet mama of two and documentary filmmaker Natalie Beer,  Mama to Loucas  3 1/2 and Joaquin 6 months

The best advice I was given was to sleep as much as I can before having children and that is something I really miss now being a parent . I am a big sleeper and somehow my two boys don’t love sleeping as much as I do

My big one loves chicken soup , pickles ( must have that from his grandfather) and rice . The little one is a big fan of mashed sweet potato.

Our favourite meal is rice with vegetables and chicken . My big one loves LEGO and to play hide and seek in the house .

The three things I always have is snacks for the kids from organix, fruit. And the most important thing water wipes to clean them afterwards.

We love doing Picnic  in Hydepark or Holland Park , my big one loves it as he can run around freely and play ball .

The hardest part for me was to learn how to be patient and calm. I used to work as an assistant director in the film industry where everything had to be fast and effective and now it sometimes takes half an hour for my son to put his shoes on and that can drive me nuts but I am working on being more patient.

The best part for me is to see them grow and develop their own personalities, to see them laugh and discover the world around them. That’s worth all the sleepless nights .