Mums that rock – Victoria – Australia


Meet VLM one of the coolest mums I know, mama to India-Rose and Charles. She is currently travelling the world with her beautiful family.

What are your kids’ favourite food?

India-Rose – white chips (healthy ones or restaurant ones)

Charles – Daddy’s special meat

What is your favourite meal to cook for the family?

I don’t have one

What are the kids’ favourite toys?

‘Little bear’ that they each sleep with, colouring in pens for India-Rose, her bike & scooters Charles likes anything and everything

What are the three top items that you always have in your bag when out with your kids?

Wipes, ‘little bear’ for Charles, drink bottles of water each

One word to describe labour?


What have you found to be the hardest part of your motherhood journey?

Sleep deprivation and staying calm

What is the best part of motherhood?

The best cuddles from anyone, felling of an intense and unconditional love, their funny little stories and the smiles on their faces