About Me

Welcome to my incredible, healthy, happily imperfect journey for mums and mums to be trying to juggle lifestyle, parenting, practicality and doing it all while trying to look fab. Thank you for joining me in search of that perfect balance. Xx


I started this site when I first found out I was going to be a mum. I knew the journey ahead was going to be exciting and challenging and I wanted a journal of it. However it was only after my second son at the age of 16 months suffered from anaphylactic reaction and was diagnosed with a list of severe food allergies and a delayed reaction to wheat, dairy, and gluten that the site found it’s real purpose. It organically transitioned from a fun journal to a health hub.

 My Recipes

 All my recipes are healthy, free of refined sugar, gluten free with minimal dairy. Due to my son’s allergies I also have plenty of allergen free recipes that the whole family can enjoy

 My beliefs

I believe in eating mindfully, I believe that eating the right food plays an important part in our health. I believe that food can be yummy medicine!