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Base Formula Soothing Foot Gel

10 / 05 / 18

As a runner and a model I need to pay particular attention to my feet as they take a hammering over the miles. As soon as spring has sprung, my focus goes into trying to get my feet back to tip top condition ready for summer sandals. I am always looking for good foot care products. Preferably formulated with natural ingredients. I love this product because it has plenty of hydrating ingredients including mint and lavender. It also has aloe…

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mother moment. xx

Becoming a mother. By Oreke Mosheshe xx

12 / 11 / 15

As women and mothers we need to stop being so hard on ourselves and judgemental of others. As many of you know I come from a modelling background which can be catty but motherhood can be more catty and hurtful. Mothers have a very strong bond, a sisterhood but like any sorority you can and will meet the mean girls.  The ones that judge you for having a nanny, for not breastfeeding enough, for not sending your kids to private…

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Friends with benefits - Pilates #EPL by Oreke

08 / 11 / 15

Exhale Pilates London has some of the best state of the art Pilates equipment I’ve come across and I've seen and tried a few! I really enjoy working out there. The teachers are great especially the owner Gaby. She is always so enthusiastic and dedicated ready to kick you into shape. Since I started working out at Exhale Pilates friends have seen my body transform and want in on some of Gaby's Magic. I decided to buddy train with one…

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Readathon Our Favorite Children's Books By Oreke xx

08 / 10 / 15

I love children’s books, I think I actually enjoy them more than the boys… I love a great book - the illustrations, the colours and most importantly the stories.All week my boys and I have been taking part in a “readathon” trying to read as many books as we can. As I type this we’re up to eight and we’ll keep going throughout the weekend (we’ve planned a trip to the library to top up…) The idea behind all this…

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Gluten free does not necessarily mean healthy by Oreke xx

21 / 08 / 15

We strive to eat a gluten free diet at home mainly because my youngest son has a nasty reaction to gluten, in fact he is severely allergic to a lot of things. Foods containing gluten are typically the foods associated with weight gain and other dietary diseases . If you bake a cake using gluten free flour  but use the same amount of  sugar and fat  as you would a regular cake then that cake is still unhealthy. A gluten…

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