Mums that rock – Rosemary Centeno Williams – UK


Meet Model and mama of two Rosie

Best advice on parenting is to ignore any negative comments. From quite early on people love to give opinions, even if they aren’t parents themselves!

I am lucky that my job is relatively easy and it actually feels like a break going to work but juggling childcare and making sure they have everything they need for each day can take planning. I’m a list maker. It is important to also make time for yourself, even just having a coffee in peace and you shouldn’t feel guilty for doing that.

My favourite meal to cook is anything my husband makes as he’s a great cook! But he is Spanish so we all love the Spanish influence of Paella or Tortilla.

The 3 items I always have in my bag are water, snacks and wipes. Now they are both out of nappies a change of clothes comes in handy when out and about too.

I would say my parenting style is pretty chilled, I trust my instinct but I’m not overprotective or fussy but they know who’s in charge.

The hardest part of motherhood is how it changes your relationships with other people. Husband, family members, friends with and without children but also time management which is why it’s so important to look after yourself and not feel guilty.

The best part is obviously seeing them grow into lovely little humans and being so proud of them. It is hard work but very rewarding.