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Readathon Our Favorite Children's Books By Oreke xx

08 / 10 / 15

I love children’s books, I think I actually enjoy them more than the boys… I love a great book - the illustrations, the colours and most importantly the stories.All week my boys and I have been taking part in a “readathon” trying to read as many books as we can. As I type this we’re up to eight and we’ll keep going throughout the weekend (we’ve planned a trip to the library to top up…) The idea behind all this…

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Gluten free does not necessarily mean healthy by Oreke xx

21 / 08 / 15

We strive to eat a gluten free diet at home mainly because my youngest son has a nasty reaction to gluten, in fact he is severely allergic to a lot of things. Foods containing gluten are typically the foods associated with weight gain and other dietary diseases . If you bake a cake using gluten free flour  but use the same amount of  sugar and fat  as you would a regular cake then that cake is still unhealthy. A gluten…

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Face Painter - Petya Gocheva by Oreke x

17 / 08 / 15

Petya Gocheva is an incredible face painter - not only is she very good at her job she is also wonderful with children, making them feel comfortable and excited all at once. I had Petya do the face painting at my son's birthday and ever since then we have become friends. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented face painter, she also does the most wonderful portraits for little kids and big kids alike . Her…

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Style by Dunja

05 / 08 / 15

There's a lot of mocassins out there for children and adults, designer and high street. They've made a real come back once again. But the best brand has to be ELK mocassins. Beautifuly handcrafted, they come in baby, toddler, child and adult sizes and sell on Etsy. Though right now, they are on sale at zulily and extremely affordable!

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Wind in the Willows in the Park by Dunja

31 / 07 / 15

After a hugely successful run of Alice in the Walled Garden last year, Sixteenfeet Productions is returning to some of London’s loveliest outdoor spaces with Wind in the Willows. And they really couldn't have picked more beautiful settings! At Brockwell Park, Lambeth (25.07-02.08) Morden Hall Park, Merton (07.08-10.08) Streatham Rookery, Lambeth (13.08-16.08) Walpole Park, Ealing (19.08-23.08) To reserve tickets call 07958 448690 or to book online at: http://www.sixteenfeet.co.uk/

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