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Mums that rock - Mary Yared - London

15 / 08 / 18

Meet model and mama of 2 Mary what is the best advice you have been given on parenting? 1. Make time for your kids 2. Don't judge other mums 3. Take it easy on yourself 4. Remember that discipline is not punishment what are your kids’ favourite foods? My kids have two completely different menus. My son (who is 4) is a fussy eater and will only eat a handful of things. His absolute favourite meal is pizza and pancakes…

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Mums that rock - Tanja Gullestrup Lowes - London

05 / 07 / 18

Inspiring honest words  from  mama of 3 - the very beautiful Tanja. Please check out her website and the incredible work she is doing. www.thegivingtreefoundation.co.uk what is the best advice you have been given on parenting? * If you go to bed every night knowing you did your best for your kids, that is all that counts. what are your kids’ favourite foods? * My kids love spaghetti bolognese made with organic beef mince & edamame spaghetti - they find the…

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Mums that Rock - Natalie Max - London

27 / 06 / 18

Meet the beautiful Natalie Max with her sweet daughters. Natalie is a real inspiration and here at Yummy mummy HQ we are all in awe of how she always remains so elegant kind and absolutely stunning. Best advise you have been given on parenting: Remember to take care about yourself. If you are happy, your kids are happy.Favourite food to eat: Pasta! But I think their favourite food depends more on where they are than the food itself. What is…

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Base Formula Soothing Foot Gel

10 / 05 / 18

As a runner and a model I need to pay particular attention to my feet as they take a hammering over the miles. As soon as spring has sprung, my focus goes into trying to get my feet back to tip top condition ready for summer sandals. I am always looking for good foot care products. Preferably formulated with natural ingredients. I love this product because it has plenty of hydrating ingredients including mint and lavender. It also has aloe…

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mother moment. xx

Becoming a mother. By Oreke Mosheshe xx

12 / 11 / 15

As women and mothers we need to stop being so hard on ourselves and judgemental of others. As many of you know I come from a modelling background which can be catty but motherhood can be more catty and hurtful. Mothers have a very strong bond, a sisterhood but like any sorority you can and will meet the mean girls.  The ones that judge you for having a nanny, for not breastfeeding enough, for not sending your kids to private…

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