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Yummy mummy christmas wish list xx

02 / 12 / 15

This is my personal top four christmas gift wish list, and perhaps if you are equally as obsessed with cooking and food like me you may also want to get your hands on these. Please don't get me wrong I would also love to see a large Tiffany box under the tree (hint at superman ) Until next time xx From top right going clock wise 1) A years supply of teapigs teas £60 www.teapigs.co.uk I love my tea and…

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Christmas gift list for kids xx

30 / 11 / 15

Under our christmas tree this year you will find these four gifts along side plenty more for my two boys. We clear our toys twice a year. Gifting old toys to charity and creating space for new toys. I find that clearing the toys and taking the boys with me to give them to others is a good way to show them compassion and the art of giving. Warning it is not always easy to explain to a four and…

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Friends with benefits - Pilates #EPL by Oreke

08 / 11 / 15

Exhale Pilates London has some of the best state of the art Pilates equipment I’ve come across and I've seen and tried a few! I really enjoy working out there. The teachers are great especially the owner Gaby. She is always so enthusiastic and dedicated ready to kick you into shape. Since I started working out at Exhale Pilates friends have seen my body transform and want in on some of Gaby's Magic. I decided to buddy train with one…

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Readathon Our Favorite Children's Books By Oreke xx

08 / 10 / 15

I love children’s books, I think I actually enjoy them more than the boys… I love a great book - the illustrations, the colours and most importantly the stories.All week my boys and I have been taking part in a “readathon” trying to read as many books as we can. As I type this we’re up to eight and we’ll keep going throughout the weekend (we’ve planned a trip to the library to top up…) The idea behind all this…

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Gluten free does not necessarily mean healthy by Oreke xx

21 / 08 / 15

We strive to eat a gluten free diet at home mainly because my youngest son has a nasty reaction to gluten, in fact he is severely allergic to a lot of things. Foods containing gluten are typically the foods associated with weight gain and other dietary diseases . If you bake a cake using gluten free flour  but use the same amount of  sugar and fat  as you would a regular cake then that cake is still unhealthy. A gluten…

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