Mums that rock – Tanja Gullestrup Lowes – London

Inspiring honest words  from  mama of 3 – the very beautiful Tanja. Please check out her website and the incredible work she is doing.
what is the best advice you have been given on parenting?
* If you go to bed every night knowing you did your best for your kids, that is all that counts.
what are your kids’ favourite foods?
* My kids love spaghetti bolognese made with organic beef mince & edamame spaghetti – they find the green spaghetti funny to look at but delicious to eat! They also love anything with peanut butter in it including apple peanut butter “donuts” topped with almond flakes.
what is your favourite meal to cook for the family?
* Tacos with organic beef mince, peppers, gem lettuce, avocado and fried onions topped off with lots of cheddar cheese & salsa
what three items do you always have in your bag when out with your kids?
* Hand Sanitiser, snacks and SNAP cards (particularly useful when waiting at restaurants or on the bus!)
How would you describe your parenting style?
* I asked my 8 year old daughter how she views my parenting style, as I thought it would be refreshingly honest – which it was.
She said my style is strict, loving and fun. I agree with her opinion and would caveat it with when she says I am strict; there are very clear boundaries and I always push my kids to be the best version of themselves and push them when I know they’re more than capable of a particular task/ situation. It’s important that they understand that even though there are firm boundaries; I love them unconditionally and that I was once a child and understand the importance of having fun!
what have you found to be the hardest part of your motherhood journey?
*Receiving my middle child’s autism diagnosis when he was 2 years old and not knowing how he would be affected by his autism; I felt absolutely helpless. Five years into our journey with him, thanks to Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) he has defied all odds and I helped me evolve as a mother who is patient and selfless.

what is the best part of motherhood?

Waking up every day to our gorgeous children Athena, Konstantin & Archibald that chose me to be their mother and all the wonderful lessons they teach me. God has truly blessed me with them.