Carter’s Chicken Meatballs


These Meatballs are named after my first son Carter because it is the only form of chicken he will eat. I have two boys 18 months apart and I thought both boys would be very similar, they would like the same things and eat the same foods but things have not quite turned out that way, I have one that loves eating chicken and will try most things and another that is a very fussy eater who’s only source of protein is eggs, smoked salmon and mummy’s chicken meatballs. These chicken meatballs are very good and both adults and kids love them. They make a perfect addition to our healthy picnic basket as they are delicious hot or cold.

Protein is a must for baby’s development and if you are a meat eater chicken is a great protein source.

The maple syrup and fruit puree act as a natural sweetener creating a healthy sweet and sour like flavour. Maple syrup is full of antioxidants and I love using it as a sweetener.


This recipe works well with lamb and turkey also. Once balls are ready I like to serve organic sweet corn


Serves 4



  1. Mix all of the ingredient apart from oil thoroughly together with your hands, the mixture will be wet. Roll mixture into mini balls. I prefer to roast the balls with a little olive oil for 25mins at 180c until the chicken is cooked but you could also pan fry them.


  • 500g chicken thigh mince, 2 crushed garlic cloves, 1 tbs parsley (fresh or dry), 1tbs thyme (fresh or dry), 1tsp sea salt, 1tsp grounded turmeric, 1tsp ground cardamon, 1tsp ground black pepper, 1tsp grated ginger, 2 tbs apple or pear puree, 2 tsp 100% pure maple syrup, 2 tbs olive oil,