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Style by Dunja

05 / 08 / 15

There's a lot of mocassins out there for children and adults, designer and high street. They've made a real come back once again. But the best brand has to be ELK mocassins. Beautifuly handcrafted, they come in baby, toddler, child and adult sizes and sell on Etsy. Though right now, they are on sale at zulily and extremely affordable!

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Wind in the Willows in the Park by Dunja

31 / 07 / 15

After a hugely successful run of Alice in the Walled Garden last year, Sixteenfeet Productions is returning to some of London’s loveliest outdoor spaces with Wind in the Willows. And they really couldn't have picked more beautiful settings! At Brockwell Park, Lambeth (25.07-02.08) Morden Hall Park, Merton (07.08-10.08) Streatham Rookery, Lambeth (13.08-16.08) Walpole Park, Ealing (19.08-23.08) To reserve tickets call 07958 448690 or to book online at: http://www.sixteenfeet.co.uk/

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Best Product: Bluelife Spiral Vegetable Slicer by Dunja

30 / 07 / 15

Ari loves to eat all kinds of stuff. All different fruits, dairy, meat, bread, pasta etc. But put veggies in front of her and watch her recoil in horror! I'm a huge lover of vegetables for some weird reason, I actually sometimes have spinach as a tasty snack, but my daughter simply can't stand them. However, all my problems were solved once I got this slicer. You can use this with a huge variety of vegetables, just mix them all…

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2015-07-22 10.19.05

Outfit of the Week by Dunja

22 / 07 / 15

My favourite colour this summer:yellow. It suits everyone yet everyone seems a bit weary of it! It goes with most colours and metallics ,and works really well with patterns like check. And best of all, wearing it always cheers you up!

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2015-07-21 16.11.26

Best Recipe Awards by Dunja

21 / 07 / 15

Whilst browsing in the shop today I randomly picked up a few sachets of gelatine, planning on researching what fun stuff I could make with it for my daughter once I got home. Turns out, not much! But one thing that caught my eye was a recipe for gelatine plate for printing. Random, I know, but the colourful pictures ari and I got out of it were awesome fun to make! It's like contained messy play! The recipe is very…

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