Friends with benefits – Pilates #EPL by Oreke


Exhale Pilates London has some of the best state of the art Pilates equipment I’ve come across and I’ve seen and tried a few! I really enjoy working out there. The teachers are great especially the owner Gaby. She is always so enthusiastic and dedicated ready to kick you into shape. Since I started working out at Exhale Pilates friends have seen my body transform and want in on some of Gaby’s Magic. I decided to buddy train with one of my best friends (primarily to show off my new found Pilates moves). Our session was immense fun but we still worked out harder because neither of us wanted to be the weak one. Gaby is very hands on, and always makes sure you are in the correct position. The hour flew by and we both came out of the session feeling amazing walking taller and with abs of steel. Until next time. xx