Mums that rock – Ali Bailey – London

Meet beautiful model Beauty  expert and mama if 2 Ali Bailey

what is the best advice you have been given on parenting? Do what works best for you and your family. There isn’t one way that works for everyone

what are your kids’ favourite foods? My daughter will eat most things, apart from cottage cheese, this she cannot be around because of the smell. My son on other hand does eat cottage cheese but is fussy about a lot of other foods. When I weaned him he ate everything I cooked. Then about 18 months old he suddenly got very fussy. I was persistent and eventually after months of not touching any green vegetables, got him to eat broccoli. We got there in the end!

what is your favourite meal to cook for the family? We do HelloFresh each week so it’s always different meals each week. I love the variety.

what three items do you always have in your bag when out with your kids? Hand wipes, tissues and cream for my sons eczema.

How would you describe your parenting style? I try to be consistent. I’ve always been consistent about bedtimes and try and have a routine. I find it works well for my kids to have that routine and helps me to structure my life around them!

what have you found to be the hardest part of your motherhood journey? I found the start when they were babies very hard. Not knowing what they wanted when cried. My daughter had colic for the first 3 months and it was so exhausting. Basically motherhood really knock me for six (is that the right saying??) sleep deprivation is indeed a form of torture!

what is the best part of motherhood? The smiles, the cuddles, hearing the first time they say “mama I love you”, it may be the most exhausting thing, but motherhood is the most rewarding too.