Mums that rock – Kelli Waldock – Kent

Kelli and Kids

Kelli Waldock is a mum of two, industry make-up artist, nail technician and owner of Pinkies salon in Whitstable, Kent.

1.       The best advice I was given on parenting is to stay calm and not to get too uptight or stressed out… even though this is challenging sometimes, it is obvious that if I stay calm then my children are calm too.

2.       My kids’ favourite food is either chipolatas and chips or spaghetti bolognaise and they are big fruit fans and eat a lot of apples, pears and strawberries.

3.       My favourite meal to cook is definitely a spaghetti bolognaise from scratch, so I know exactly what the ingredients are. I think this is a really wholesome

4.       My kids’ favourite toys are a football and the iPads – so two extremes. They are at that age (10, and 8) now where they don’t like to play with toys as such, but still like activities and of course apps on devices.

5.       The three items I always carry with me when I am out with the kids are wipes, snacks and juice.

6.       A good family day on a budget is travelling everywhere on foot… Walking and laughing is great fun! My children loved seeing Buckingham Palace, the changing of the guards, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament… all free things to do in London that are iconic and educational.

7.       The hardest part of my motherhood journey was when my children first went to school, as it marked a point that they become their own little person and didn’t need me as much anymore… unless they want something of course, or if they are feeling poorly.

8.       The best part of motherhood is being there for my children as much as I can and spending quality time with them when they are off school during the holidays and at the weekends. I am a working mum so those days are so very precious, and I cherish this time with them.