Turkey burger with Coriander aka Green burger by Oreke


I love using fresh  ingredients to cook. Homemade turkey burgers always make a gratifying lunch and my boys love this. Once Ralph was diagnosed with his allergies I started paying more attention to food  labels and let’s just say it is absolutely shocking what rubbish you will find in most shop bought burgers. This burger does have chilies but I usually take the seeds off for my kids. We are a family that love our spices. Turkey is a good source of iron zinc and potassium. Till next time xx

Turkey mince – 500g

Spring onions – 5

Galic – 5 cloves

Red chillies – 2

Ginger – 5 tsp minced ginger

Coarse sea salt

Black pepper

Zest of 1 lime

Large handful of coriander

Coconut oil for frying – 1 Tbs

Put all the ingredient in a food processor apart from the turkey and coconut oil blitz. Place the mixture in a large bowl, add turkey and mix with hand. Set aside in fridge for an hour then make into 5 large patties or 10 small once. Heat coconut oil in a pan and pan fry burgers for a few minutes. Sevres 5