Healthy Chocolate Rice Cakes (Allergen free recipes)

12 / 10 / 15

Healthy does not have to be boring. This recipe is a take on the traditional rice crisey treat but with none of the refined sugar.  This takes 10 minutes to make. I use Ombar coco Mylk which has no dairy and is delightful.

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Turkey burger with Coriander aka Green burger by Oreke

25 / 03 / 15

I love using fresh  ingredients to cook. Homemade turkey burgers always make a gratifying lunch and my boys love this. Once Ralph was diagnosed with his allergies I started paying more attention to food  labels and let’s just say it is absolutely shocking what rubbish you will find in most shop bought burgers. This burger does have chilies but I usually take the seeds off for my kids. We are a family that love our spices. Turkey is a good source of iron…

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