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Healthy Hot Chocolate

22 / 05 / 18

Hot chocolate is not just for colder months in my home : the boys love it all year round . I use antioxidant-rich cacao in this recipe lots of real maple syrup 🍁 and I make it dairy and nut free by using at rude health coconut milk. xx

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Carter’s Chicken Meatballs

20 / 04 / 18

These Meatballs are named after my first son Carter because it is the only form of chicken he will eat. I have two boys 18 months apart and I thought both boys would be very similar, they would like the same things and eat the same foods but things have not quite turned out that way, I have one that loves eating chicken and will try most things and another that is a very fussy eater who’s only source of…

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Pumpkin and Maple Baked Doughnuts

11 / 11 / 15

Warning these donuts are very addictive and will be wolf down very quickly. They are healthy with no refined sugar baked not fried and full of spice and love. xx

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Ralphy's Oaty apple and cinnamon breakfast cakes xx

08 / 11 / 15

I love this cake because it is the first cake I made for my son Ralph with eggs. Ralph has a very long list of allergies including eggs and after two and a half years of no eggs his doctor suggested we try him on baked food containing well cooked eggs as most children with egg allergy will out grow it. I made this cake with my mum. We both made it with so much love and guess what? He could…

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apple muffin 2

Vegan Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

05 / 11 / 15

We love breakfast muffin, s they can be very healthy and a better choice than most of the sugary cereals out there. This is an allergy free recipe  xx

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