Mum’s that rock


Mum's that rock - Victoria Milligan - UK

30 / 11 / 16

Meet Victoria Milligan, mum of 3, life coach and mentor. She is truly an inspirational and incredible Woman Best advice on parenting was Little People Little problems, Big People Big problems....when you think the sleepless night are bad when they are babies, just wait for the teenage years...exams, alcohol, drugs and sex! Favourite meal is definitely roast chicken with all the trimmings and apple crumble and custard for dessert Three items in bag - phone with the uber app as…

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Mums that rock - Nese Schaffer- Halil - London

20 / 10 / 16

Meet Nese - Model, Mama of 2 and a lovely friend. what is the best advice you have been given on parenting? Always trust your instincts- mummy knows best! what are your kids’ favourite foods? My eldest loves prawns, whether it be prawn spaghetti or prawn curry but generally he loves food full stop. Although my youngest will tell you he loves sausage, mash and beans - sometimes you can't beat the old classics! what is your favourite meal to…

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Mum's that rock - Elizabeth Clarke - Lincolnshire

17 / 08 / 16

Meet Elizabeth Clarke -  Celebrity hair and makeup artist and mama of 3 What is the Best Advice you have Received on Parenting? “Enjoy every moment. Even restless nights, because it’s just a phase and passes too quickly. Always trust your instinct :)” What Are Your Kids’ Favourite Food? "Pasta, fish and chips!" What is Your Favourite Meal to Cook For the Family? "Cheese and onion bake" What Are the Kids’ Favourite Toys? "Scoters, building dens, playing with action figures"…

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Mum's that rock - Naomi Isted - London

06 / 07 / 16

  Meet Naomi Isted Editor in Chief - Ultimate Lifestylist and mama of 2 What is the Best Advice you have Received on Parenting? To not beat myself up over the small things as no one gets it perfect we just have to go with the flow and learn as we grow with our kids. What Are Your Kids’ Favourite Food? My kids love anything especially continental food, Rocco loves peppers, pasta and hummus. Fleur loves spice, meats, fruit and veg…

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Mum's that rock - Saima Niasun - London

28 / 06 / 16

Meet Saima mama of three, Fitness Instructor and a truly stunning human being Best Advice -Always be their best friend but at the same time they need to know your mum too aka boss. It's all about trust. My kids love anything Indian and homemade chicken mushroom broccoli pie. Chicken pie with green beans , sweet potato. It keeps everyone quiet at the table as they're all tucking in! What are the three top items that you always have in your…

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