Mum’s that rock

Mums that rock - Ali Bailey - London

25 / 07 / 18

Meet beautiful model Beauty  expert and mama if 2 Ali Bailey what is the best advice you have been given on parenting? Do what works best for you and your family. There isn’t one way that works for everyone what are your kids’ favourite foods? My daughter will eat most things, apart from cottage cheese, this she cannot be around because of the smell. My son on other hand does eat cottage cheese but is fussy about a lot of…

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Mums that rock - Tanja Gullestrup Lowes - London

05 / 07 / 18

Inspiring honest words  from  mama of 3 - the very beautiful Tanja. Please check out her website and the incredible work she is doing. what is the best advice you have been given on parenting? * If you go to bed every night knowing you did your best for your kids, that is all that counts. what are your kids’ favourite foods? * My kids love spaghetti bolognese made with organic beef mince & edamame spaghetti - they find the…

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natalie max

Mums that Rock - Natalie Max - London

27 / 06 / 18

Meet the beautiful Natalie Max with her sweet daughters. Natalie is a real inspiration and here at Yummy mummy HQ we are all in awe of how she always remains so elegant kind and absolutely stunning. Best advise you have been given on parenting: Remember to take care about yourself. If you are happy, your kids are happy.Favourite food to eat: Pasta! But I think their favourite food depends more on where they are than the food itself. What is…

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Mums that rock - llana Brandwain - Belgium

20 / 06 / 18

Inspiring mama of 2  IIana and CEO of  Noble Fine Jewellery   What is the best advice you have been given on parenting?  Love, love and more love.  Always tell your kids you love them even when you are angry at them. What are your kids’ favourite foods?  Pancakes, pasta and French toast.        What is your favourite meal to cook for the family?  Because I work a lot I don’t cook much but always make sure…

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Mums that rock - Federica Ferro - London

31 / 05 / 18

Meet inspiring mama of 2 Federica Ferro. Federica is a Rebirthing practitioner, Conscious Breathing and Meditation teacher and runs two amazing businesses @ Conscious Lifestyle Blog & Pop Up Events. @   1) what is the best advice you have been given on parenting?when everybody was advising me and making me feel even more insecure as a new mum  my Teacher told me « No matter what people say and from which good intention they’re coming from, remember that…

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