Ralphy's Oaty apple and cinnamon breakfast cakes xx

08 / 11 / 15

I love this cake because it is the first cake I made for my son Ralph with eggs. Ralph has a very long list of allergies including eggs and after two and a half years of no eggs his doctor suggested we try him on baked food containing well cooked eggs as most children with egg allergy will out grow it. I made this cake with my mum. We both made it with so much love and guess what? He could…

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apple muffin 2

Vegan Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

05 / 11 / 15

We love breakfast muffin, s they can be very healthy and a better choice than most of the sugary cereals out there. This is an allergy free recipe  xx

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Blueberry and Almond Butter Prafait

05 / 11 / 15

I am a little bit obsessed with Prafaits, they are an easy way to spice up your breakfast and you can make any type of layer you want using whatever you have available. I personally love making my own granola as it is easy to make and means you know what's going into your glass. If you have a nut or seed allegy then please replace nuts and seeds with more dried fruit and coconut

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Tasty cashew milk by Oreke xx

04 / 11 / 15

In the space of two weeks I have given this recipe to three sets of friends at three different dinners so I thought I’d share it with you all too. Cashew milk is one of my favourite energy drinks, those that know me know that I am obsessed with nuts – their health benefits are endless. We drink this as a family and the boys can’t get enough. Tasty cashew milk 1 cup of cashews 3 cups of water 2…

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Coconut + Spinach smoothie aka The Green Monster to my kids (allergen free recipe)

02 / 10 / 15

This is a great way to start your day, it is easy and quick to make for the whole family. Health Facts dates are a great natural sweetner always organic spinach as spinach is so easily conamitated and part of the dirty dozen coconut oil gives a nutty flavour as this is a nut free recipe coconut is classified as a fruit most people allergic to nuts can safely eat coconut always best to check with your doctor    

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